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Having a roof replaced is no small expense, so it is important to get a roof to last as long as possible. Since a roof takes a lot of damage just from sun exposure and regular wear and tear from rain, wind and falling debris, it is important to keep up with maintenance.

Whether homeowners are having a new roof installed or looking to extend the life of their existing roof, it is important to understand how the local climate will affect the roof and ensure that repairs are handled quickly. A Houston roofing company will be able to identify the most common issues for roofs in the area, including potential sun, wind and water damage.

Most people living in the area won't have to worry about the weight of snow on a roof, but the sun can slowly break down a shingle. When shingles degrade, they may allow water to start seeping in, even with good weatherproofing, which can lead to damage to the roof and the inside of a home.

Roofs in this area may also experience damage due to high winds and standing water.

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Even if a hurricane does not come through, water that is left on a roof from a storm can lead to damage. Wind itself can tear at shingles, and it can also cause branches and debris from trees to fall onto a roof. Debris on a roof also frequently leads to standing water, so wind can cause multiple problems.

Roofs should be inspected regularly for damage, and if damage is suspected, a roofing service should be called out immediately. Damage to a roof, especially water damage, will get worse over time. Water damage will frequently spread beyond a roof, and it can soak into insulation and a home's structure, flooring and walls. The longer someone waits to have repairs done, the more costly they may become.

When an individual is looking to have a new roof put in, they should consider both their materials, budget and expectations. Although asphalt shingles are the least expensive, they also have a much shorter lifespan than other common options, such as wood or tile.

However, wood and tile tend to be much more expensive, so it is important to balance a roof's expected lifespan versus the installation and material costs. Although tile roofs may last 100 years or more, someone may still want to go with a less expensive option if they intend to eventually sell the home or it stretches their budget.

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