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Today's homeowners are more environmentally conscious and open to going green on home improvement projects than ever before. When hiring a Houston roofing contractor to install or replace a roof, homeowners should realize that several environmentally friendly options are available.

A relatively simple way to go green is by installing a reflective roof. This type of roof keeps a house cool by reflecting sunlight away from the house. Because the reflected solar rays cannot heat the building underneath, the energy required for air conditioning is reduced. The diminished reliance on fossil fuel energy conserves natural resources and lowers pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

White objects reflect more sunlight than dark ones, so simply choosing a white or light colored roof will decrease the cooling needs of a home. Studies demonstrate that white roofs cut cooling costs by at least 20 percent in hot weather. Thanks to advances in roofing technology, today's homeowners don't need to choose white roofs in order to go green. Metal roofing materials, tiles and asphalt shingles can be painted with specially formulated coatings that reflect the sun's heat while having colors such as black, brown or red.

A living roof, also known as a green roof, consists of vegetation grown on a rooftop.

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The plants and soil serve as insulation that decreases the heating and cooling costs of the underlying buildings. Water evaporation from the surfaces of the plants cools the surrounding air, and the vegetation provides shade. The roof remains cool, saving energy and alleviating the urban heat island effect.

When it rains in developed areas, water flows across roads, roofs or sidewalks instead of being absorbed into the ground. This storm water runoff gathers pollutants such as chemicals and debris that eventually make their way to rivers, lakes or oceans. Living roofs protect the environment by slowing or absorbing storm water runoff; the roofs also filter contaminants from rainwater.

The sun is an infinite source of energy and is thus a renewable resource. One way to reduce dependence on fossil fuels is by harnessing the sun's rays to provide electricity. This can be accomplished by installing rooftop solar panels. Solar panels absorb sunlight, converting it to electricity in a process that produces no harmful emissions or waste.

Besides being good for the environment, home solar energy systems save homeowners money on electricity bills. However, homeowners may be hesitant to install large, bulky solar panels that conflict with their home's design. A modern alternative is to use solar shingles. Solar shingles generate electricity from sunlight while serving as a protective house covering. They mimic the appearance of asphalt shingles and can harmonize with the aesthetic of a home.

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