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Few architectural details on a home stand out quite as intensely as the roof's design. The design of the roofing system largely depends on the homeowner's personal preference, but Houston roofing experts also understand how important it is to accommodate the local climate. For example, a home that features wooden shingles might not feature as long of a lifespan for a home that's located in a cold, wet climate because the elements could cause the wood to rot or deteriorate. For homes that are located in hot climates like Texas, it is important that the roof offers adequate protection against UV exposure and that it features both a high fire rating and excellent insulation capabilities. One type of roof that might fit both of these criteria is a shed roof, which is commonly referred to as a single sloped roof. Here is an overview about some of the features associated with a shed roof as well as its design and installation process.

The design of a shed roof is relatively simple. The structural framing can be either visible, which can achieve a more modern aesthetic, or completely hidden, which can create a cleaner, more minimalist look.

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If the framing is hidden, it can be filled with extra insulation in order to maximize the home's energy efficiency. Regardless of where the roof loads are assigned, one of the best features of a single sloped roof is that it allows plenty of sunshine into the home, brightening virtually any space.

When roofing contractors are designing a single sloped roof, they can position the slope in a specific angle in order to accommodate the local climate. For homeowners who live in colder climates, roofing contractors can position the eaves, which are the lowest points of the roof, to face north. They can design the roof's peak to face south, which will allow it to absorb warmth from the sun and help to prevent heat loss during the winters. For hotter climates, roofing contractors can do the exact opposite when designing the roof in order to protect the home from direct exposure to the sun while still allowing plenty of light to come into the home.

Another way roofing contractors can enhance energy efficiency when designing a single sloped roof is to include adequate roof overhangs, which help to protect the interior of the home from becoming damaged from the elements. While overhangs are practical in nature, they can also be intricately designed in order to achieve a unique aesthetic.

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