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Homeowners who are planning to reroof their home should understand that, when calculating the final cost, there are no set standards. Damage and worn areas of sheathing will also change the price as well as special features such as dormer windows. When determining the total expense of new roof, a professional Houston roofing specialist will be able to arrive at an accurate estimate.

The roof size will be the first aspect that a contractor will review when estimating the price of a new roof. An expert roof installer will determine this number by looking at square footage. Then, he or she will probably take the roof pitch and slope into consideration. A roof that has a steeper pitch will end up costing more to install due to the difficulties involved in attaching shingles. A very steep roof that cannot be walked upon will require alternative installation plans. The pitch of a roof will also determine the underlayment system that is required. More layers of underlayment must be installed to ensure that proper fire rating codes are adhered to.

If there is existing roof material, the time to remove layers will be determined and added to the expenditures of a project. Along with labor costs, dump charges will also be calculated. The price will escalate if the material being removed has multiple layers. Next, the type of roofing material being placed on a home will be added into the equation.

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The weight, aesthetic design and durability will all factor into the final price of the material. Shingles that have an asphalt composition are at the low end of the cost range. Clay tile and concrete make up the midrange level, and metal roofing or wood shakes will be at the top of the list when factoring roofing material costs.

The components used to install a roof will also change the expenditures of a project. Waterproofing, decking materials, underlayment and fasteners have different prices due to their range of longevity and performance. Some components will be rated to last for a longer time period and will be billed at a higher premium. Access is also considered during the phase of roof cost estimation. If a roof is difficult to access, additional equipment may be required as well as additional labor and time. Loading the roof materials, staging a project and completing the final build will all vary between different roof projects.

It is easy to see why no roof cost is the same when all of the factors in roof construction are estimated. At the same time, when each component of reroofing is reviewed, changes can be made to fit all of the expenses into the homeowner's budget.

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