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If there are holes in the roof that lead to the attic, any raccoons living in the area will likely find them. Attics are common areas of raccoon infestations, as they provide security, a safe shelter to raise young, and they can be a source of food for hungry pests. Raccoons are extremely messy and typically leave droppings and urine everywhere. The droppings can spread diseases or introduce parasites into the home. They can gnaw through infrastructure, insulation and electrical wiring as well. An experienced Houston roofing contractor can always assist with any repairs the roof or attic may need.

Raccoons are generally intelligent creatures. They can use their hands to pull apart insulation, dig into duct work and gnaw through electrical wires. If the insulation is damaged, the R value, or the effectiveness of the insulation, can be significantly lowered. If the duct work is torn up, heated or cooled air will be lost to the attic space. This means that the home's HVAC system will work harder to heat or cool the living space. Chewed up electrical wires, meanwhile, present a serious fire hazard. Additionally, any holes that raccoons tear could ultimately result in leaks.

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Once the raccoons have been trapped and relocated and the feces have been cleaned out, an experienced roofer can perform an inspection and repair any damages. It is likely that the damages will be expensive, so homeowners should be aware that repairs will take some time. During the inspection, the roofer will look at the outer roofing materials such as the shingles, fascia and soffits. In the attic, the roofer will inspect at the insulation, the roof decking and the rafters or other structural components.

Once the problem areas have been identified, the real repairs can begin. If the raccoons have chewed through the soffits or fascia, they will need to be completely replaced to close off access into the attic space. Shingles should be replaced if they are missing, or if they have cracks or holes. Once the building's exterior has been taken care of, the inside repairs can be completed. Insulation will most likely be ripped out and replaced. The attic will be air sealed to prevent heated or cooled air from escaping from the living space to the attic. An HVAC professional may also be called in to fix any damages that may have occurred to the duct work.

Raccoon damage can be extremely widespread and can affect many components of an attic or roof. As such, an expert roofer should be consulted as soon as raccoon nests are discovered in the attic.

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