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No homeowner wants to learn that his or her attic has become home to pests. If the conditions are right and there are points of access into the attic space, bats may decide to move in. In small numbers, bats do not usually cause damages. If a larger colony moves in, however, there can be some serious problems if the bats are not removed as soon as possible. While a Houston roofing contractor cannot remove the bats themselves, they can provide repairs to the roof and the attic once the bats are gone.

In general, bats can be extremely annoying for the home's inhabitants. The noise they make can cause residents to lose sleep. Bats can also potentially find their way into actual living space. In terms of infrastructure damage, bat urine and guano can stain the roof components, and they are capable of eating through wooden or organic structural materials. In worst case scenarios, bats can become trapped and die in cramped attic corners or walls, and this may result in unpleasant odors.

Before any roof or attic damages can be fixed, the bats must be removed from the attic by a bat removal professional.

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In many cases, the bats can be trapped so that they can be released in another area. The feces and urine that is left behind must also be cleaned. Once the bats are gone, the professional roofer will first conduct a roof and attic inspection. They will look at the damage that the bats have caused and will find the access points. It should be noted that bats themselves do not chew holes to get into buildings. As such, it is likely that some damage to the roof and attic had already occurred due to other sources prior to the infestation.

The access points will probably be taken care of primarily to keep the pests out. This may mean replacing the fascia boards, soffits and any missing or cracked shingles. Next, the roofer will identify whether damage has occurred to the rafters, roof decking, insulation and floor joists. If these components cannot be cleaned, or have chew marks or have fungus growing on them, they may require total replacement.

Taking care of a bat problem in the attic requires the cooperation of several different types of professionals. However, a trusted roofer can ensure that the roof and attic are in good order. If it is ever felt that an attic may be home to pests, an experienced roofer should be consulted for an immediate inspection.

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