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If homeowners hear strange noises coming from the attic or from the walls, there is a very good chance that a family of squirrels has taken over. Like other types of rodents, squirrels are opportunists. If they find access to an attic that provides adequate shelter, they will move right in. As far as squirrels are concerned, attics are safe places to raise their young or to enjoy shelter during bad weather. While Houston roofing contractors cannot usually remove the squirrels themselves, they can help inspect the roof and provide quick repairs once the pests have been relocated.

Squirrels can do quite a bit of damage to a home, especially if they find access to the roof. They have the ability to chew through anything that is not metal, including important wooden roof components and electrical wires. Because their teeth continuously grow throughout their lifetimes, squirrels in the attic typically cause the attic's infrastructure to sustain some sort of damage. This damage may not be isolated to the roof. If the squirrels have access to it, they will chew it. This means that wooden siding, roof shingles, doors, patio furniture and nonmetal lawn ornaments can fall victim to deterioration.

An expert pest control professional will be required to remove the squirrels and their nests.

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Usually pest controllers will place live traps inside the attic space. These traps do not kill the animal but simply allow it to be captured. The squirrels are then usually taken into an uninhabited area where they can be safely released. A squirrel repellent may also be utilized to keep pest squirrels away until the resulting damage and access points can be closed off.

If squirrels are able to get into the home, this situation could be an indication that the roof or attic has already sustained damage. Cracks and holes in the soffits or fascia board can allow entry to other rodents or insects, in addition to harmful moisture. Depending on what was chewed and how extensive the chewing was, some of the wooden structural components may need to be replaced. For example, if support beams and rafters were chewed, the affected sections may have to be removed. If water damage resulted from the rodent chewing, the roofer will have to find where the water is coming from and determine how best to fix the problem. In general, the sooner the squirrel infestation is identified, the easier it will be to fix the roof damages.

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